{Day 4} Lights, Lights, & More Lights!

christmas lighting

In fashion, one can never have too many shoes. In decorating for the holidays, one can never have too many lights! Lights can turn the ordinary into extraordinary! There are so many fun uses for them and the options are endless. I have 3 different types that I consider my “must haves” for my holiday decorating.

  1. Fairy Lights. I buy mine in bulk on Amazon **. They are battery operated and they work so well in my vases and jars. The battery pack is clear, not black, so it makes it a little easier to disguise in my vases. They have 8 different setting options from “steady on” to “slo-glow” and also come with a remote. Another benefit is that there is a timer feature on them so they automatically turn “on” and “off” for 6 hours a day. What is easier than that? I find these fairy lights also look amazing in lanterns inside or outside! Just make sure to buy the ones for “outdoor use” if that is your intention.
  2. Globe Lights. These glass lights are a string of 10 “globe” shaped glass bulbs. These, too, are battery operated and have a timer option. I mix them with ornaments in my vases or place them in a beautiful glass bowl. I found mine at Marshalls for 9.99 a box.
  3. White Twinkle Lights. These are your normal “strand” of white lights but they have a “twinkle” effect to them once they are plugged in. I love using these lights in my greenery around my home to bring it to life. Be sure to buy the “green wired” lights so that they will blend the best with your greenery.

Happy Decorating!

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