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My name is Tracy. I am a wife to an amazing man who is my stabilizing, calming counterpart. I am a mom to two beautiful children, ages 13 and 16. I am a full-time Realtor with a passion for home decorating and DIY projects. I love coffee, wine, fashion, traveling, and products that can make me look and feel younger. I have a passion for theater and still can’t watch a performance without secretly wishing I was up there on stage. I love the glamour in getting all dressed up for an event, complete with false eyelashes and killer heels, but when I am at home, I’m more of a “hair up, sweats on” type of girl. I’m a savvy shopper. I LOVE it when I come across a great bargain and also love it when I can help others save money, too. I have insomnia which leads to a mild obsession with GOOGLE (or my obsession with Google has led to my insomnia, not sure?). I will research just about anything before I buy into its product or idea and rarely buy on “impulse”. You’d be amazed at all info I have found in the middle of the night over the years…
I studied at Point Loma Nazarene University and have BA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. That’s just a fancy name for a degree in Business & Psychology. I love people and if you ask me for my honest opinion, you better be ready to hear it. I am sincere and can quickly tell when people aren’t. I am a perfectionist, struggle daily with OCD, and always carry anti-bacterial wipes. I’m claustrophobic, get anxious in large crowds, and do not like to fly. However, my fear of flying does not keep me from boarding a plane because my love for tropical destinations is greater. Parenting a teen has been the greatest challenge that I have faced in motherhood.
One “up-side” to my insomnia is that I have compiled a TON of useful information over the years!  Whether it be the discovery of a mind-blowing beauty tip, a hot fashion find, an awesome travel deal, cool DIY projects, or just great advice in general, I have it all saved in folders. So one night, at about 2 AM (Did I mentioned I have insomnia?), I thought it would be fun to start an instagram page targeting women like myself. Posting about all the things we as women love, but don’t have the time to seek out on a daily basis. However, as I laid awake that night, not able to fall back asleep and completely overwhelmed by my list of “to-do’s” for the morning, I realized that I didn’t want my page to just be pictures without content. And so it began…
Caffeine and Grace. Two things that I live off daily. I hope that you will enjoy.

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