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{Day 5} Trees & Reindeer

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Two decorating items that I have in all types of variations are trees and reindeer. They are perfect to pair with almost any scene you are creating when decorating. My entryway consists of a number of different trees, paired with reindeer, a santa, and some candles. When decorating your mantel or entry table, try mixing your mercury glass with different textures of trees. I have mine paired with my glitter trees and matte gold reindeer. Reindeer usually come in pairs, but you don’t have to keep them together. I have them scattered throughout my decor. On Day 2, I wrote about my love for faux fur. Guess what? I don’t just use it to snuggle up with! Occasionally, I will drape it over a piece of furniture and set my scene on top of it. I have a lot of dark, heavy wood in my home and this is one way to “soften” it up. Another decorator tip I learnedRead more …

{Day 4} Lights, Lights, & More Lights!

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In fashion, one can never have too many shoes. In decorating for the holidays, one can never have too many lights! Lights can turn the ordinary into extraordinary! There are so many fun uses for them and the options are endless. I have 3 different types that I consider my “must haves” for my holiday decorating. Fairy Lights. I buy mine in bulk on Amazon **. They are battery operated and they work so well in my vases and jars. The battery pack is clear, not black, so it makes it a little easier to disguise in my vases. They have 8 different setting options from “steady on” to “slo-glow” and also come with a remote. Another benefit is that there is a timer feature on them so they automatically turn “on” and “off” for 6 hours a day. What is easier than that? I find these fairy lights also look amazing in lanterns inside or outside! Just make sureRead more …

{Day 1} Trimming the Tree

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Trimming the tree. It’s important that you begin this process by choosing either a theme or color scheme for your tree. If you choose a particular theme (i.e. hallmark ornaments, Disney theme, ect.) you more than likely will have a wide variety of colors throughout your tree. If you want a particular color scheme, pick one that flows with the colors that you already have established as part of your decor in your home. Once you have determined the look that you are trying to achieve on your tree, you can start the fun part. Trimming your tree! If you do not have a pre-lit artificial tree (like me), stringing the lights on your tree will be your first step. It’s always best to test your light strings prior to hanging them on your tree. Once you have your lights on the tree, you are ready to move on to the next step: hanging garland, ribbon, or netting. One ofRead more …