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The Nitty Gritty of Owning a Timeshare

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My husband and I made the mistake of purchasing a timeshare. Twice. You’d think we would have learned from the first one, but unfortunately, we are slow learners. And it has been a very expensive learning curve! You’ve received those offers in the mail, right? The ones that seem too good to be true? The ones that offer you a 5 night, 6 day stay at a resort that looks so amazing, you wish you could be there right then! “What? Only 299 per COUPLE (as in TWO people!?) for the ENTIRE stay?” Too good to be true? That depends. If you can go, sacrifice 90+ minutes of your life that you will never get back to listen to their presentation, and stay true to the word “no”, then I say, go and enjoy an awesome discounted vacation! The problem is, most of us go with the intention of saying “no”, but after the 4 glasses of free champagne, all theRead more …

Why I’m Not Spending Mother’s Day With My Kids

May 8, 2016 | Posted by in Mom Life, My Beautiful Mess, My Thoughts | 0
mother's day

I love my kids. Really I do. But this Mother’s Day I am spending it away from them, rather than with them. Now, before you go and pass judgement on me that I would actually choose to not be with the two human beings that actually made me a mother, let me explain. Every year, my mom and I take a “mother/daughter” trip to Palm Springs. This year, when we were looking at dates, one of the only options for us to get away together was the week of Mother’s Day. With my daughter’s upcoming show rehearsal schedule, it was not an option for us to go as a family, so that meant if I left, my husband would need to stay back and handle all the responsibilities for the week. Not only that, but I would be gone on Mother’s Day…tough decision. Do I go away with my mother and celebrate her, leaving my family behind, or do I stay atRead more …

Tossing Out Perfection

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Perfectionism. It is one of my many flaws. It cripples me from moving forward in so many aspects of my life because I obsess over the need for it to be “perfect”. In fact, even this particular blog post has sat in a draft for days because I will read it, re-read it and always feel there is something that can be improved upon. And, if you are going to embark on this journey with me, you too, will see that there will always be something that could’ve been improved upon. If you are one of those people that gets distracted easily by flaws in a piece of writing, I am telling you right now, I am not your girl. HOWEVER, if you can appreciate openness, honesty, and vulnerability, then we will get along just fine. I believe in “full-disclosure” upfront, so that if you continue to keep reading, I can speak from my heart, and not worry I amRead more …

My Beautiful Mess

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Life is messy. As a mom, wife, and working woman, there are days I feel like super-woman, then there are days I feel I’m not so super at all. There are days I feel I am raising well-mannered, respectful children, then there are days I wonder where I went wrong. There are moments when I feel I have a lot to offer my spouse, then there are times when I feel I have nothing left to give. There are mornings I wake up thinking I can “rock” my skinny jeans and heels, then there are mornings I wish I didn’t have to get dressed. And then to top it all off, I scroll through Facebook and feel I am alone in my struggle because everyone else on my feed seems to be getting “mom of the year” awards, with a glass of wine in their hand, while their 5 kids are perfectly posed in their pressed linens. The constant pressureRead more …