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{Day 12} Greenery & Foliage

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Aside from my Christmas tree, I love the way that lighted greenery can transform an area of the home. It doesn’t need to be fancy or with all the ornaments, ribbons, and bows. Sometimes just adding the additional lighted greenery is all the space needs. Garland looks so beautiful whether it’s in an entryway, on a fireplace mantle, on a console table, or on a buffet table. I don’t live in a two story home, but if I did, you could be sure to find it on my stairway wrapped around the rails! I also really love the string lights that have a twinkle effect to them. I have those lights on my dining room garland and feel it looks so elegant. It reminds me of the flicker of a candle. All of my garland is artificial, but you can also use real garland. I do not have what you would call a “green thumb”, so it’s in the bestRead more …

{Day 9} DIY Glitter Starbursts

DIY Christmas Decor

Are you all decorated for Christmas? I know I am! I love this time of year and absolutely LOVE finding simple, inexpensive DIY ideas to decorate with. These Glitter Starbursts are so easy to make and will add a POP of SPARKLE to your Holiday Decor! Getting Started I always have glitter on hand because I think glitter makes almost anything come to life! I used rose gold and silver glitter for this project, but you may use any combination you would like that best fits your decor. Next, determine the size you would like your starbursts to be. You do not want your toothpicks or sticks to be out of proportion with your styrofoam balls. I used 1″ and 2″ balls for mine and felt toothpicks worked best in the 1″ and a variety looked best in the larger. If you choose a larger styrofoam, you may want to use small wooden round dowels and cut them to theRead more …

{Day 8} Stockings

Christmas mantle

“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…” Stockings! I have had many different variations of stockings throughout the years, primarily due to the fact that I have changed my decor colors many different times. Now that I am decorating with ivory, golds, and silvers I bought new stockings last year. I like mixing my textures and found that fur and sequined stockings look quite lovely together. Since neither of the stockings will allow embroidery, I decided to “glitter up” some letters to personalize the look a bit. I found the wooden letters at Michaels and bought the beginning letter of my kid’s names, added glitter, and drilled a tiny hole so that I could hang them with fishing wire. Simple and inexpensive! What’s not to love about that? Happy Decorating! If you like it, share it!

{Day 6} Pillars, Candlesticks, & Tealights

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There is definitely something about the soft glow of candlelight. It’s romantic, it’s elegant, and it requires no batteries or electricity to be beautiful. I do own a few of the battery operated candles and love that they require no effort, but I still prefer a real candle when entertaining. Again, almost all of my candlesticks shown in my photos were purchased at either Home Goods or one of its sister stores. Not a single one cost me over 19.99. If I find candles in gold or silver that also have a unique texture to them I almost always will scoop them up. I feel it adds a little more interest and character to them over the traditional ivory candle pillars. Not that ivory is boring, I use those too…but I mix them with my golds and silvers. I also LOVE floating candles. Not much is required to make them look pretty and they can be used with almost anyRead more …

{Day 4} Lights, Lights, & More Lights!

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In fashion, one can never have too many shoes. In decorating for the holidays, one can never have too many lights! Lights can turn the ordinary into extraordinary! There are so many fun uses for them and the options are endless. I have 3 different types that I consider my “must haves” for my holiday decorating. Fairy Lights. I buy mine in bulk on Amazon **. They are battery operated and they work so well in my vases and jars. The battery pack is clear, not black, so it makes it a little easier to disguise in my vases. They have 8 different setting options from “steady on” to “slo-glow” and also come with a remote. Another benefit is that there is a timer feature on them so they automatically turn “on” and “off” for 6 hours a day. What is easier than that? I find these fairy lights also look amazing in lanterns inside or outside! Just make sureRead more …

{Day 3} Apothecary Jars and Glass Vases

Apothecary fillers

I LOVE Apothecary jars and use them around my home all year long. The only thing that changes throughout the year is what I put inside them. When it comes time to decorate for Christmas, I simply just swap out the items that are in them and replace it with items for the holiday. Perhaps you also love the look of them, but struggle with what to fill them with. Hopefully after this read, you will be able to use at least one of the ideas that I am going to share with you. If you have never invested in any Apothecary jars, I will share with you where I bought mine for minimal cost. However, most of the tips that I am going to share with you can also be put inside a glass vase or cylinder to get the same effect. It’s best to use a few different shapes and sizes. If all the jars are the exactRead more …

{Day 2} Faux Fur & Pillows

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Faux fur and pillows are a simple, inexpensive way to add warmth and coziness to your living room this Christmas. Choose a faux fur throw that compliments your color scheme and then add in different metallic pillows and textures to create an inviting living space. You can either drape your faux fur throw over an arm of your sofa or place a wicker basket near your fireplace and keep some of your pillows and fur throws in it. Not only will it look pretty but it’s practical, too! A majority of the items I am showing in the photo were purchased at Home Goods. Sure, I love the faux fur that Pottery Barn is offering this season, but you can get the same effect without spending a lot of money. Pottery Barn’s fur ruched throw retails for $149 and I purchased mine at Home Goods for 24.99! You can’t beat that! No item pictured here cost me more than $30Read more …

{Day 1} Trimming the Tree

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Trimming the tree. It’s important that you begin this process by choosing either a theme or color scheme for your tree. If you choose a particular theme (i.e. hallmark ornaments, Disney theme, ect.) you more than likely will have a wide variety of colors throughout your tree. If you want a particular color scheme, pick one that flows with the colors that you already have established as part of your decor in your home. Once you have determined the look that you are trying to achieve on your tree, you can start the fun part. Trimming your tree! If you do not have a pre-lit artificial tree (like me), stringing the lights on your tree will be your first step. It’s always best to test your light strings prior to hanging them on your tree. Once you have your lights on the tree, you are ready to move on to the next step: hanging garland, ribbon, or netting. One ofRead more …