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{Day 2} Faux Fur & Pillows

Christmas Decor

Faux fur and pillows are a simple, inexpensive way to add warmth and coziness to your living room this Christmas. Choose a faux fur throw that compliments your color scheme and then add in different metallic pillows and textures to create an inviting living space. You can either drape your faux fur throw over an arm of your sofa or place a wicker basket near your fireplace and keep some of your pillows and fur throws in it. Not only will it look pretty but it’s practical, too! A majority of the items I am showing in the photo were purchased at Home Goods. Sure, I love the faux fur that Pottery Barn is offering this season, but you can get the same effect without spending a lot of money. Pottery Barn’s fur ruched throw retails for $149 and I purchased mine at Home Goods for 24.99! You can’t beat that! No item pictured here cost me more than $30Read more …