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{Day 7} Entertaining

12 days of christmas

It doesn’t take a lot of holiday themed plates and platters to make entertaining feel festive. I really only own a few of them and really that is all you need. I mix those plates and platters with my everyday serving dishes and done! And remember, serving dishes and platters don’t always have to be used for food! My two-tier serving platter is actually used more for “decor” right now than serving. I have my lighted globe lights on it mixed with ornaments. One of my favorite items I own, but actually use all year round, are my jeweled wine stoppers. Who knew corking a bottle of wine could look so beautiful? That is, if there’s any wine left to cork! Does that actually ever happen? Maybe that is true for most households, ha! I also buy festive paper napkins to have on hand for the holidays. They are perfect paired with clear disposable plates and even though they areRead more …