{Day 6} Pillars, Candlesticks, & Tealights

candlelight christmas

There is definitely something about the soft glow of candlelight. It’s romantic, it’s elegant, and it requires no batteries or electricity to be beautiful. I do own a few of the battery operated candles and love that they require no effort, but I still prefer a real candle when entertaining. Again, almost all of my candlesticks shown in my photos were purchased at either Home Goods or one of its sister stores. Not a single one cost me over 19.99. If I find candles in gold or silver that also have a unique texture to them I almost always will scoop them up. I feel it adds a little more interest and character to them over the traditional ivory candle pillars. Not that ivory is boring, I use those too…but I mix them with my golds and silvers.

I also LOVE floating candles. Not much is required to make them look pretty and they can be used with almost any decor and color scheme. Just buy a glass cylinder, fill it with water, and add your floating candle! Occasionally, I will add something to the bottom of the glass vases, but it certainly isn’t necessary. Another “must have” for the holidays are tealights. Super inexpensive and can be used just about anywhere! I like to add some to my centerpiece on my dining table and also put a couple in my guest bath room on the counter. They may be small, but they can make a big statement. Also, don’t feel you always need to put a candle in your candle holders. The two gold candle holders that are shown in the top right photo, I do not have candles in. I put my twinkle fairy lights in them instead and it still looks beautiful.

Happy Decorating!


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